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Simple lifestyle changes can counteract symptoms of low testosterone

February 21st, 2016

A health article in The Globe And Mail reminds men that simple lifestyle changes can counteract the symptoms that some drug companies advertise as indicators of clinically low testosterone. Men who are experiencing low libido, fatigue and weight gain may not have low testosterone, but instead are exhibiting normal signs of aging.

Strength training, lowering sugar intake and getting more sleep can all help men trim their waist line, increase their libido and provide additional energy. Reducing stress is also an important factor in combating symptoms many middle aged men experience. These alternatives reduce the risk of suffering testosterone booster side effects.

Many low testosterone drug manufacturers advertise the above symptoms in an attempt to sell more testosterone boosters to men who may not need them. Unnecessary use of testosterone boosters could lead to an increased risk of severe side effects, including heart attacks and stroke.


Globe and Mail

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