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7 months later, Low T heart attack research heavily cited

September 5th, 2014

A study documenting testosterone booster side effects is one of the most heavily cited among news and health outlets more than 7 months after researchers published the information. The observational study, conducted by researchers at UCLA, NCI and Consolidated Research, and published in PLOS ONE, detailed the increased risks of heart attacks associated with testosterone therapy in men.

 The study garnered 20 citations, more than any other study in its time frame, and also resulted in a call to action from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration only days after it was released. The study has also led to a demand for more research regarding testosterone booster side effects, as Low T drugs have climbed to a more than $2 billion industry.

 Testosterone booster prescriptions have more than tripled over the last decade, with many of the prescriptions coming from low testosterone clinics, which often prescribe the drugs without determining a patient’s clinical need. Testosterone boosters have been linked to several severe side effects, including heart attacks, stroke and death.

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