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Endocrinologist calls for more Low T drug research

May 15th, 2014

University of Washington endocrinologist Dr. Stephanie Page has called for more thorough low testosterone drug research in the wake of rising prescriptions and Low T side effect risks. Page writes in the British journal Lancet that doctors do not know the risks of testosterone boosters and that the tripling of testosterone prescriptions over 10 years is alarming.

Relatively few studies have been published on testosterone boosters, but Page alleges that studies favoring use of testosterone drugs have yielded conflicting results, despite drug manufacturers claiming otherwise. The most recent study on testosterone was published in 2013 and found that patients faced an increased risk of heart attack and stroke after using testosterone boosters.

Low testosterone drugs come in a variety of applications, including injections, emollients, patches and creams. Testosterone booster side effects are a potential risk in all forms of testosterone drugs, including AndroGel, AndroDerm, Foresta, Striant and other Low T drugs.

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